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I was raised in a household with West Indian roots , where learning to cook at age 7 became an integral part of my upbringing and  connection to my culture. Inspired by my family in Brooklyn, NY, Rel' Eats™ emerged from a love to provide quality meals to loved ones .

After years of  learning,  embracing and exploring food, I can say  proudly that food is my passion. I aim to serve meals that not only nourish the body but feed the soul.


The careful creation and curation of quality, nutritious and flavor filled food makes every private and corporate catering an aromatic walk through with Rel' Eats™.With menu options inspired by Caribbean Cuisine, and dishes fused with other cuisines such as Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc., Rel' Eats™ strives to satisfy all taste buds!


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For some, cooking can seem like a chore. Rel' Eats™ proudly serves to simplify family moments and alleviate responsibility around food options.  In addition to events, I provide easy to follow recipes, a variety of delicious sauces and seasonings, cooking classes/private lessons, and tailored meal preps for those looking for nutritious but flavorful options !

I am constantly looking forward to connecting, creating and cooking with you all! Can't wait

to see what unforgettable moments we can make together.  #releatsexperience

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