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Rel’ Eats Presents Rel' Good Cookin' At Home. This is ONLY for access to 1 live cooking session, a Rel's Signature Apron, and a digital recipe sent to you.


Subscribe for the quarterly option and get 1 Signature Apron your first order. Get a Recipe Card and access to the live session for the other 3! $15.99


Upgrade to get the subscription box and get all perks for the BEST DEAL!


This Subscription service will provide a new way to enjoy cooking at home. Customers will engage with Chef Dani quarterly through exclusive virtual cooking experiences. Each quarter there will be new surprises with a new recipe. Want to skip the Subscription box but still want to join in on the fun? Purchase this Subscription for access to the session and a digital recipe. These curated experiences will be sent straight to you!

Each Subscription Box may include:

  • Rel's Signature Seasonings and or sauces. 

  • New Release Signature Seasoning and or sauce.

  • Recipe of the month

  • Cook with me Fresh ingredients

  • Bonus Rel’s product (merchandise or kitchenware)

  • Mystery of the month (item, deal, or cooking tutorial)


Subscription Box Members will also have access to:
Cooking Tutorials 

Exclusive Live Cooking Sessions 

Discounts on Rel's Signature Products 

Each new *Rel' Good Cookin' At Home Subscription* member will receive a Rel's Signature Apron and Recipe Card Ring to attach each recipe card.


Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Everything is made to order and packaged fresh with you in mind.

Rel's Signature Seasoning. Essentials in every kitchen! Made with Rel' Love.


*Use Peppah Sauces with caution. Start off with one drop to taste, and then gradually add to your satisfaction*



Rel’ Good Cookin’ At Home Live Cooking Sessions

Price Options
One-time purchase
Rel’s Signatures
Rel's Signature Cookin' At Home Access to join live quarterl
$8.99every month for 3 months
  • Enhance cooking at home by using Rel' Eats Signature Seasonings and Sauces. Add flavor to all of your favorite foods. With these Signature Pro, you'll be able to recreate any dish the Rel' Eats way! 

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